Because of Cynthia, I have what I keep sensing is the beginning of feeling freedom fully and completely forever and ever. I can’t describe the feelings I have in working with Cynthia, other than I know tomorrow is going to be a glorious day. - Denise Carlton

Cynthia has offered the most generous spirit of healing love that I have ever known. I am a changed person. Truly.  Because of her I was able to get through the most trying times of my life with a grace that I never believed I was capable of.  

- Caitlin Lynch

“Cynthia has acted as the bridge between myself and Spirit, guiding me through the vast intelligence and grace of my own body and soul until I was literally back to living 100% pain free.  What is so exciting about working with Cynthia is that she provides a pathway that has allowed me to transcend nearly every obstacle put in my path, allowing me to express the highest vision of my true Self.”

- Heather Simchuck

In the darkest and lowest point in my life, I met Cynthia.  She became my beacon, and my lighthouse.  She showed me how to be centered, how to make choices for my highest good, and, most importantly, how to create magic in my life. I am a completely different person than I was, creating my own world full of love and joy and abundance. 

-Christina Nold 

Since working with Cynthia, I am able to attract money, love, and happiness, and am filled with peace. Her work is powerful and manifests quickly, yet I always feel she is gentle and extremely considerate of my vulnerabilities.

-Christina Gill

“When I agreed to make the phone call and begin working with Cynthia, it saved my life.  Physical ailments were slowly taking their toll, and I was remarkably unaware of the impending end result that lay ahead. On the surface, nobody could tell anything, but inside I was numb and asleep. Cynthia and I embarked on many journeys to help me reach deep inside and remember my divine self.  A life forgotten was being realized once again.  Fear, shame, hurt, and anger become love, light, grace and joy.  I was able to connect with people in a way I had never been able to before, resulting in a beautiful relationship with my fiancée.  I am back on my own path of authenticity and living my truth.  Cynthia is truly an angel of light, who has a beautiful gift, and shows us how to re-establish a relationship with ourselves-our most divine relationship with whom we have an eternal bond.”

- Dan Simon

I can’t say enough about how Cynthia has helped me.  I’ve spent my whole life doing countless forms of healing modalities with therapists, psychologists and doctors and nothing compares to this.  Through her work, I have been able to resolve so many deep, dark things… it is remarkable… kind of like a miracle. I know in my heart I could not have done this in any other way.  I am so honored to have worked with her and grateful that she has helped me to heal and to restore love for life, for others, and for myself.  

                                                   - Marsha Purcell

"Working with Cynthia has been an absolute revelation.  She's played a vital role in helping me to heal, expand, and ultimately flourish in ways that are both subtle and monumental.  The guidance I've received has inspired me to create more abundance, acceptance, freedom, balance and creativity in ways that feel remarkably effortless.  Cynthia delivered the tools and showed me precisely how to use them.  Thanks to this experience, I'm now beginning to navigate life's open road with my own spiritual "GPS"!

- Michelle White