I am an intuitive energy healer and a guest speaker on many global telesummit shows who helps others embody their Sovereignty and light up their world! I bring forth living transmissions from the Avatars, the Masters, the Cosmic Beings and the Light of All Creation.  I am delighted to serve humanity, the Earth, the Stars, the Galaxy and the Cosmos by birthing new realities of Heaven on Earth.


Over the last 20 years, it has been my greatest pleasure to uplift and transform thousands of people’s lives by helping them enter into their Divine Nature, embrace their Divine origin, and open their hearts to their Divine Truth. In my speaking and healing work, I lead individuals into the stargate of their hearts, revealing the celestial wonder, radiant beauty and inner glory of Heaven within them.


Over the recent years, I have been in deep and profound communication with the Ascended Masters and the Avatars in the inner realms. It was through this inner communion that I began to truly understand my calling. I discovered that it was my soul’s delight and divine truth to become the voice of these Avatars; to bring these Divine Beings alive within the hearts, bodies, minds and souls of each person I connected with!


The great Mahavatar Babaji, the guru of Paramahansa Yogananda and Christ, became my dearest guide, assisting me to bring His Diamond Body Of Light and Truth to this world once again. My most profound work has been to merge my awareness with his, allowing his essence to become One with me. As a Beloved of mine, his light permeates all of my transmissions with the power of his Immortal Truth. Since becoming One with Babaji, over 77 Avatars have gathered around me, sharing their collective Voice with mine, and I’m thrilled to share that I now transmit the collective Light, Power and Love of these Great Beings of Light to thousands who choose to stand in the fullness of their Divinity and serve as emissaries of truth and love in the world.


Just recently, another remarkable upliftment has occurred in my life!  I’m now finding myself merging further and further into the Oneness of All of Creation. I AM becoming One Voice that unifies the Avatars, the Masters, the Earth, the Stars, the Cosmic Energies, the Galaxy and the Universes beyond.  My greatest passion is that we all rise together and sing a new song of Creation, where we are one with the majesty and miracle of All That We were created to Be.