Welcome! I am an intuitive energy healer, and a guest speaker on many global telesummit shows. Over the last 25 years, I’ve assisted thousands on their ascension journey to embody their Sovereignty and light up the world! 


I bring forth living transmissions from the 77 Avatars, the Elohim, and the Celestial Beings of Light to help awaken your Cosmic Self and embody the Golden Age within you.


I invite you to visit my Temple of the Avatars Page to see my ongoing live events with the Great Mahavatar Babaji and the 77 Avatars. The Avatars are beings of Divine Perfection that exist in all realms of Creation at the same time. Come travel with me inside their Sacred Temple to become the highest realization and embodiment of your Divine Self and experience the supernova of ascension that you took birth for!


Join me as we spark your divinity and add your unique melody to the Celestial Chorus of the Music of the Spheres! Let us all rise together and sing a new song of Creation as we play our divine music across the strings of eternity and shine as the stars we are meant to be.

Meet Cynthia

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