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Becoming One with the Avatars The You Awakening Telesummit with Jacklyn Johnston

October 23, 2017




"...This is what I am waiting my whole live. I am 78 years of age" - Harold, Netherlands


"This was the most beautiful and powerful show."  

"Cynthia is taking us home...She is so beautiful, graceful and gentle! The energy on this call was so filled with Highest Divine Light - truly Mahatma energy."


"Your light was so intimate and powerful tonight! You are a clear channel of wisdom and light, and we are forever blessed to share these moments with you!Thank you for taking is to the most breathtaking mountain peak, where we could get a taste of our own Divine Light. The questions at the end just enhanced the spirit of everything you were saying, as you were then given a chance to demonstrate to all us listeners what it's like to embody your Divine Avatar. You glow and exude the most delicious Light I have ever experienced coming from a human being. The way you can connect with people's hearts is something I have never ever seen in this life before... it is so intense and life-changing. This will ripple out so very far Cynthia, and I can clearly feel the joy in the heavens at your carving new experiences in the records and halls of the Akashic Library for any soul who wishes to experience this very same glorious display of Light being brought down to this Dimension, and being created by you!Thank you again and again!"



In this show, Cynthia guides us in becoming One with the Super Beings of Divinity within us, the Avatars. These Great Beings of Light are aspects of our higher bodies of consciousness that are awaiting our return into Oneness with them. In a profound meditation, she takes us on a sacred journey where we are gifted with the Seed of our Greatness-- the exquisite Pearl of our Sovereignty, and are immersed in the swirling Light of the Heavens as we merge with the Avatars. Moving into the crystalline realms of the 5th dimension, the Avatars activate the spiral of ascension within our DNA, and then, in a powerful culmination, bring us home into the Oneness of the Heart of Creation. 




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