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Opening the Pathways of Eternity

In this second meditation, you are given the keys to journey into the Liquid Light of Creation to restore and rejuvenate your natural state of youthfulness, and lift the limitations of time within your DNA to activate the light of the Infinite and Timelessness within you once again.  

Opening to the Magic and Miracles of Timelessness

In this 3-part series of guided meditations, Cynthia takes your on a wondrous journey to expand the light of eternity and youthfulness within you.


Restoring the True, Eternal Nature within you

In this first meditation, you are given the keys to move out of the prevailing mass consciousness of aging and activate your potential to slow down or reverse your aging process to restore your true, eternal nature within your body once again.

Embracing the Eternalness within you

In this third meditation, you are given the keys to embrace your fears and limitations of the aging process, activate the eternal within your cells, and celebrate the fullness of your true, Divine Nature.

Your Immortal Body of Light


Please enjoy this free 10 minute guided meditation from Cynthia that takes you on a gentle journey into the inner realms of your Being to experience the shimmering light of Creation, and receive the blessings of the Avatars and the Cosmic Beings of Light to activate the Immortal Body of Light of your new 5th Dimensional Self.

Your Immortal Body Of Light - Cynthia Charis
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