I would love to introduce you to my healing sessions.


Are you ready to open to the wonder and possibility of your transcendence?


Our journey begins in the sacred realms of your heart, where you meet your True Self. As we access the mystical electromagnetic pathways that lead to your Divine Essence, you are held within the arms of Grace and take your first steps into a world where profound magic and miracles abound!


Once you are connected to your heart and soul, we move outside of time and space and into the quantum fields of unlimited freedom and infinite possibility. Surrounded by the Avatars, the Masters, and the Great Cosmic Beings of Light, we open you to the bounteousness of your true Nature where you begin to quietly dissolve into your Divine Self.  Bathed by the quantum field of God intelligence your body aligns to its greatness and remembers its innate Truth once again.


Then the healing begins. Held in a space of infinite grace and compassion, I help you to gently embrace patterns of struggle, resistance and fear by transmuting them into the light of the Divine. We move directly into your cellular memory and pull discordant energies out from the cells and allow them to dissolve into the light of your soul. Gradually, at your own pace and timing, as you shatter the patterns of illusion which have kept you in suffering and fear, you open to the wonder of life again as you experience the unique expression of Creation that you are.



How the Sessions Work


Each session is done over the phone in the comfort and privacy of your home, and is about empowering you. You don’t have to be spiritually inclined, or have any specific orientations or qualifications, only a sincere desire to change.


Each session is unique and creative, filled with gentle, divine Grace. I love to journey with you through life in whatever way you desire. Whatever you choose to heal, I teach you to activate your own divine knowing so that you can become sovereign and experience the abundance, joy and peace that is your highest, divine truth. It is my greatest passion and deepest honor to serve you as a fellow traveler on this sacred journey of infinite possibility and love.  


Sessions are one hour

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