Cosmic Heart Teleclass Series

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Walking the Path of the Infinite

Session 1: Birthing your Illuminated Heart

In this journey Metatron and the Seraphina  gift you with the codes to open your Stellar Gateway and Soul Star chakras to the Path of the Infinite within you. The Cosmic Mother and her angels help you open and activate your Illuminated Heart in a way that allows you to transcend time and space in your evolutionary path forward. The Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara and his twin flame, Lady Venus take you in a column of brilliant white light to merge your energies with those of the Cosmos, and you become One with All of Creation and the Cosmic Beings of Light that are helping to lift our planet into Ascension.

The Wonder of the Beyond

In this journey into The Wonder of the Beyond, you are greeted by The Great Cosmic Mother, Nut, who opens the vault of the stars within you. Serapis Bey arrives in a Mighty Chariot of Fire to take you to his retreat in Luxor, Egypt, where you are prepared for your Higher Bodies of Consciousness to begin their descent into your Being. Isis, Osiris, and Horus then take you to a sapphire blue pyramid where you are initiated into the Royal Pathway of the Sun. There you are gifted with The Eye of Horus as a portal into the light of the Truth within you. Your soul is lifted up into its path of the full blossoming of your divinity. The journey culminates as the Seraphina open your Galactic Seal and join your antakarana at One with the Cosmic Bridge of Light.

Session 1: The Royal Pathway of the Sun

Awakening your Cosmic Heart

In this journey, you are greeted by Mother Mary, Quan Yin and the Goddesses and are initiated into a pathway of self-love and acceptance. Paul the Venetian envelops you in the third ray of Divine Cosmic Love, and you are gifted with The Rose of the Cosmos and assisted in purifying any residual blocks to self-love.  Archangel Metatron takes you through the quantum zero still point to bless you with his transmission of peace through all 4 of your lower bodies of your Being. The Heavenly Hierarchy and the Galactic Council join you to help you embody the highest light known in the Universe, the Metatronic Light, enhancing your Original Blueprint of Creation and helping you to become one with the core of the Universe.  The Dove of the Shekinah and the 77 Avatars anoint your Cosmic Heart preparing you to enter the Cosmic Heart of God. 

Session 1: Anointing your Cosmic Heart

The Diamond Pathway
of the Cosmic Heart

Session 1: Awakening your Golden Self

In this journey, you are met by the Great Mahavatar Babaji where he takes you into his etheric retreat deep in the Himalayan Mountains to open the Diamond Light Temple of your 3rd eye. There, he assists you in awakening to the Truth of your Golden Self. The Great Divine Mother Shekinah then anoints you through her Sacred Dove that travels through your crown chakra to bless each point of the 8-pointed Star of Light within the Holy of Holies upon the altar of your heart. You are held in a vortex of light that allows your Star of Light to blaze into a supernova as you become a Sun of Light within yourself. Finally, Babaji takes you on a journey where you are anointed with Liquid Light and join together with All of the Masters to become One with the Great Cosmic Heart of All of Creation.  

The Light of a New Beginning

Session 1: Birthing Your Cosmic Self

In this journey the Avatars take you to the center of the diamond core of the Earth into a crystalline pyramid where you are greeted by Mother Gaia. She gives you your Original Promise and Invitation when you first came to Earth. Through her great love, she activates it into your new 5th dimensional Self and then anchors her golden threads into your Earth Star Chakra to secure a foundation for your ascension. You are then lifted into a Great Temple of Light where Metatron and the Seraphina activate all 12 of your 5th dimensional chakras as you birth your new 5th dimensional Cosmic Self! Melchizedeck and Babaji then assist you in accessing the note of your perfect divine blueprint, and then, together with all the Masters and Cosmic Beings, you anchor this new harmonic note of your Self in Oneness with All of Creation.

The Heart of the Diamond Sun

Session 1: The Crown of Stars

In this journey, Sophia adorns you with a crown of stars and the 77 Avatars gift you with a Victory Staff to plant with the Diamond Flame in the Holy of Holies in your Highest Heart Chakra. You are taken into the Etheric Christos Diamond Sun and holographically merged with your 5th Dimensional Solar Self. Babaji takes you in a Chariot of Fire to the Great Central sun where the Royal Lions of the Star System Sirius gift you with the Scroll of Life that you scripted eons ago. There, you are given the gift of the Lions Heart, and the Tree of Life is activated within you, and your old timelines are burned away and a new timeline of your New Divine Inheritance is weaved within your heart for all time and eternity.

The Temple of the Sun

Session 1: The New Sun of your Ascension

In this journey, Babaji takes you into the heart of the Great Central Sun where you are gifted with the New Sun of the Fulfillment of your Ascension. Helios, Vesta, Sol, and Alcyone grace you with an illumination of the flower of your own heart’s sun. You are then taken to the etheric Temples of Ascension and Resurrection to ignite the Flames of Heaven within you and to receive the New Diamond Light Codes. There, you are initiated into your new Crystalline Sun Body that allows you to embody the Great Particle Convergence in your own form. 

The Power of the Ascended Feminine

Session 1: Entering the Holy of Holies

In this journey you are blessed with a golden orb of light from the Sophia that leads you into a sacred union with your Beloved I Am Presence in the Holy of Holies within the sacred Altar of your Heart.  There, you are purified with the White Flame of Ascension from Serapis Bey that helps to strengthen and ignite your Immortal, Victorious Three-Fold Flame. Babaji then takes you to the Cosmic Temple of Purity beyond the Great Central sun where you craft your Diamond Body of Light so you can stand in the fullness of your Immortal, Glorious Divine Perfection.