In this series of teleclasses you are lead on a profound journey of immersion and initiation into the very specialized light-field that is the home of the Avatars. Cynthia brings forth direct transmissions from these Great Beings of Creation to grace you with their Presence, infuse you with their Power, touch you with their Vision and heal you with their Love.

Course 1: 

Class 1: In this journey, Cynthia helps you to embrace, welcome and integrate the most powerful wave of Ascension to ever grace the planet. She brings forth Serapis Bey and his White Flame of Ascension to open your heart and prepare you to begin to merge with your Divine Avatar Self.


Class 2: In this journey, The Pillar of Light is invoked and the Star of Isis from Sirius descends to reconnect your earth and soul star to create a direct channel to Spirit once again. You are graced with a direct transmission from Babaji in the full splendor of His Diamond Body of Light to help bring your spiritual dreams into fruition.


Class 3: In this journey, you are Overlighted by the Great MahaAvatar Babaji as he blesses you with messages of divine inspiration and upliftment to become the highest, most glorious vision of the unique Avatar that you are.


Course 2: 

Class 1: In this journey, Cynthia brings you home to your Star of Origin and then releases you from the third dimensional matrix so you can become one with your glorious 5th dimensional, crystalline-based, solar Light Being. You are blessed with the Rose of Sophia, the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine, and are aligned with the Ascended Master Jeshua to awaken the Christ Consciousness within you.


Class 2: In this journey, Metatron and the feminine aspect of the Seraphim, the Seraphina, open your Stellar Gateway and connect you with your Original Template of Divinity. You then travel through the 7 Sacred Seals, the Portals of Grace, and are lead into an initiation into your Godhood through the Diamond Body of Babaji.


Class 3: In this journey, the Divine Mother graces you with her Presence as she helps you open your heart and develop greater trust in the Beloved Divine Being that you are. The series culminates with the merging of your Kalki Avatar body of Light with the Ascended Master Merlin, so you can embody the power of the Infinite and light up the world!


Course 3: 

Class 1: In this journey, Cynthia guides you to open the Seals of Creation within you, activate the template of your Immortal Perfection, and merge with the Great Central Sun to ignite the crystalline 5th dimensional light body that you are.


Class 2: In this journey, Metatron opens the Flower of Life, the Divine Matrix of Creation, within you. The great Avatar Enoch gifts you with the Keys of Creation to awaken your Highest Potential and ignite the fullness of your truth, light and divinity.


Class 3: In this journey, your body, mind and Spirit become One with the beloved Avatars Mary Magdalene, Joan of Arc and Metatron. With the assistance of 77 Avatars, and overlighted by Babaji, you are taken into the light of the torus, a sacred geometric template where you are eternally sustained by Source.


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"Almost immediately when I heard your voice and heard you speak of the ascended masters you work with, I KNEW I had to purchase this course! I have listened to your other two course also now and WOW is all I can say - so much beautiful energy coursing through my body and so much spiritual love coming through during the sessions - it has been a very, very beautiful experience for me indeed - so thank you. I am so excited and feel very honored to be working with you!Thank you at a deep soul level again for the incredible gifts you are providing to me and humanity with the work you are doing. It really is making a huge difference - certainly in my life and I am sure in many others also." -Ariella

“Wow! Each teleclass is more powerful than the last! I don't know if my heart can take much more... I have listened to a lot of channeling's etc over the years, but nothing has touched me like yours do!! I am so grateful that you share your beautiful gift of bringing through such wonderful, heart opening, meditations, as they have touched me like no other ever has." - Gail Orman

"I could not wait to tell you how beautiful you are. Your voice emanates such sensitivity, groundedness, knowing, a depth of profound love, trust (for me which is huge), and peace.... I thank you so very much Cynthia.My mind which is ever so active, completely melted and disappeared during the meditation. It is with tremendous gratitude for all of us embodied and those of the light that I remain blessed now and forever." - Geraldine

“Your meditation was amazing! I phased in and out of this reality during it. I can feel my transformational process infinitely expanding. I feel as though I am in a cocoon right now, and my birthing is me with a whole new complete awareness of my true divine self. Thank you for your infinite love." - Jonathan ​

"Thank you for undertaking to guide us through this Journey of the Heart, Cynthia, and allowing me to be One Finder on our Path of Re-Remembering who we are. My thanks and gratitude also go to the Avatars, each and every one, who are facilitating our Journey of Re-Remembering and Rediscovery. Lastly but assuredly not least, a profound thanks and blessings to everyone who is participating in this grand adventure; I bow to you and I am so grateful to be able to be One in the midst of All of you as each of you is a True Avatar Re-remembering All and thus All just IS. "



"Thank you ever so much for facilitating this process it has been a paradigm shift for me. Words just cannot begin to express the experience." -Anthony Stratford

"I just listened to this recording.. WOW.. how powerful, and wonderful it was! Thanks so very much for bringing it through for us! So much thanks to all the GREAT Avatars and Beings of light for all of the wonderful gifts you bestowed upon us!!.It's very much appreciated! I feel tingly all over and cried through the whole thing! I'm very grateful for everything that came through for me, everyone in this group... and all of humanity! Thanks, Cynthia, for all the wonderful work you're doing for this Planet!" -Susan

“What a glorious closure to these teleclasses with you dearest Cynthia!Thank you once again for being that shining star, that facilitator, the way shower for all of us and many more to come.Thank you for taking on such a tender yet cosmic changing responsibility and carrying it through so brilliantly. With Ecstasy and Awareness, forever." -Raquel